Into the Father’s Hands 2: Catechesis on The prayer of a Christian

In May 2020 Pope Francis began a catechesis on prayer. In his second catechesis, he says prayer “is born within the secrecy of our beings, in that interior place called the ‘heart’.” God knocks on the door of heart “with tenderness and with much love.”

Prayer is a yearning that takes us beyond ourselves as we seek God. But for the Christian, rather than remain an unfulfilled longing shrouded in mystery, God has revealed himself and entered into a relationship with us.

Through the incarnation, Jesus reveals a “God who does not remain hidden, but rather offers his friendship to mankind.” He teaches us to call God our “Father” and shows how “God’s patience with us is the patience of a father, of one who loves us dearly.”

“God is a friend, an ally, a spouse,” Pope Francis says, and it is in prayer that “one can establish an intimate relationship with him.” Thus it’s a relationship based on love, not fear. “Christianity has banished any type of ‘feudal’ relationship from the connection with God.” Therefore we can ask God for anything, share and tell Him everything.

Pope Francis invites us to meditate on the Farewell Discourse at the Last Supper (cf. John 15:15-16): Jesus no longer calls his disciples servants but friends.

“Let us place ourselves in prayer between the merciful arms of God to feel embraced by that mystery of happiness which is the Trinitarian life, to feel like those who are invited but have not merited such an honor.”

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