"The Way" Healing Retreat for Male Survivors of Abuse

The path to find answers and heal heart, mind, body and soul

Dr. Gerry Crete and Sue Stubbs
Aug. 11-13, 2023

“The Way” Healing Retreat for Male Survivors of Abuse

“The Way” is a 3-day guided meditation and prayer experience for men whose abuse by another has deeply affected their heart, mind, body and soul. The retreat is led by Dr. Gerry Crete and Sue Stubbs, developer of “The Way” Healing Retreat, and supported by professional counselors, a priest and volunteers.

A service of the Victim Assistance Ministries of the Catholic Church in Nebraska.
A Christian-based retreat; men of all faiths are invited and welcomed.
$250.00 fee includes private room, meals, retreat materials and program. Financial assistance may be available if cost is a hardship.
Download Flyer for more information: Nebraska Men’s Retreat Brochure 2023

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